Cemil Akyürek
Design of Textile Art is a Passion

   The road to his passion for textile art creations is a lengthy one travelled over a period of years, taking him from his homeland of Turkey to England and back to Turkey.  His journey to England was for university studies where he earned his degree in Textile Engineering. 

   Five years in England as a Chartered Textile Technologist provided him technical and social advantages that returned to Turkey with him, where he subsequently formed an enterprise which represented Turkish textile companies in importing and exporting raw materials, fabric, and garments.  After 25 years in the textile business, Cemil chose two new avenues to continue his life’s fulfilling journey - currently owning and overseeing a small hotel priding itself in elegant food and superb service – and creating exciting, vibrant textile felt art.

    Each of his artistic designs is unique - creations of felt on silk that are a banquet for the eyes and a journey for the imagination - bold colors and intriguing patterns. Wall hangings, suitable-for-framing art, shawls, and interior decorating accents are among his works, all of which are represented in the United States by OneofOneOriginals.